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How to Get Directions to a Station

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I'm Not Seeing a Station

In the GasBuddy App:

Search will show ~50 of the closest stations relative to your search term and can be sorted by price, distance, or grouped by distance and sorted by price. Using the ‘Find Gas’ button will use your device's location to show results near your current position.

You’re able to filter the results by brand, rating, and amenities. However, these filters could be preventing a station you may be looking for from showing. Try resetting the filters if you’re experiencing issues finding a particular station.

You may also want to try searching by zip or postal code to get results more specific to an area.

On the Website:

Search results will include stations closest to the geographic center of your search term. Results will not be sorted by price or distance. Using the ‘Find Gas’ on your computer will attempt to find gas in your general area using location provided from your internet service provider.

You may also want to try searching by zip or postal code to get results more specific to an area.

Add a Station to GasBuddy

Since all station information is generously provided by volunteers like you, we have no control over which stations are already listed.

There are a few ways a station can be added to the app:

1) Suggest a Station through the App

On Android, select the profile icon in the top left corner, tap settings, under Help and Other Stuff select Suggest a Station.

On iOS, scroll to the bottom of the station list screen and tap Suggest a Station.

2) Submit a support ticket here and include the following information:

  • station name
  • exact street address (ex: 104 Main St N)
  • cross street (or nearest cross street, if not at intersection)
  • city/town
  • state/province
  • zip/postal code
  • fuel types available

Rate/Review A Station

In the app, tap a station in the price list or the map. On the station details page, scroll down to below the amenities to see current ratings.

Tap the GreatOkay, or Bad button to begin rating. Swipe right or left to rate specific station features.

To complete the rating process, leave a brief review. This section can be used to cover things specific to that location (like "Ask for Sarah! She rocks!" or "Station gets really busy around 5 pm"), or any other helpful info. Once you've entered your review, tap Submit at the bottom of the page.

To see reviews left by others, tap Read All Reviews beneath the station reviews.

Stations with more than one review show a thumb-up icon beside each review. The review with the most thumbs up is listed at the top. Tap a thumb to vote the review up. Tap the ellipsis ("...") to flag the review as inappropriate.

Ratings and reviews are available at as well. Click a station in the price list to view the station details page. Then click Write a Review and follow the directions on the page.

*It may take up to 24 hours for a review to show

Edit a Station

Station Edits made from the app are submitted for review. If they are accepted, the station will be updated.

While viewing the list of stations after an initial search:

  • Tap on the station to view the Station Details page
  • Scroll down and tap Suggest Station Edits
  • Make the required edits/additions
  • Tap SUBMIT, in the top, right-hand corner

If you would rather let us handle it, please contact us directly, and let us know how the station is currently listed (station name, address, city/town, state/province), and what changes need to be made.

Favorite Stations

You can access favorites in the app by tapping Favorite Stations, just below FIND GAS NEAR YOU.

Note: Favorites are also accessible via the search bar.

To add/remove a station to/from Favorites, tap the station name in the price list, then tap the heart icon in the top of the station details page.

How to Get Directions to a Station

To get directions to a station in the app:

  • Perform a search
  • Tap the station name in the price list to view the station details page
  • Tap "DIRECTIONS", at the bottom of the station details page

This opens your device's map app (which you may be prompted to select), where directions are given.

Duplicate Stations

If you notice a station listed in duplicate, please let us know.

For each station, please let us know the following:

  • Station Name
  • Address
  • City/Town
  • State/Province