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Why do I see a price posted under "Owner" or "DataFeed"

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What Fuel Types Does GasBuddy Support?

Reporting Protocol 

Discount Prices

When posting prices for stations that offer a discount, we ask users to post the price before any discount when possible.

This includes:

  • Store Discount/Loyalty Cards
  • Coupons
  • Car Wash Discount
  • Tax Exemption

Rounding Prices

We ask that you do not round prices. A station price of 2.389 should be reported as 2.38.


When reporting prices for Diesel: Bio-Diesel and Tax Exempt prices should not be reported.

Visitor Prices

Prices reported by a visitor (someone not signed in to an account) are only displayed if there are no current prices.

Mid-West Fuel Pricing

In Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Kentucky most gas stations sell both E0 (Unleaded) and E10 (Super Unleaded) gas. At these stations E0 should be reported as Regular and E10 should be reported in the Mid-Grade spot.

Find Price

In the app, tap the red button near the top of the home page that reads, "FIND GAS NEAR YOU" to find prices in your area. To find prices in other areas, tap the magnifying glass in the top, right-hand corner of the page to search city names and zip codes.

You can also get to the price list page at any time, using the pump icon at the bottom of the screen.


You can adjust filters at the top of the station list screen, or map. You'll have the option to change the sort options, and search by various filters including brands, ratings, and amenities.

You can search for prices at as well! Simply type in your city or zip code, then hit Find Gas. You can also select the Gas Tools menu at the top of the page to access Maps.

Report Prices

To report a price using the GasBuddy app, tap the existing price (or "Report Price" if no current price is listed).

This will activate a price-entry field:

  • Enter the current price manually or select confirm price
  • Tap SUBMIT

Alternatively, you can tap on the station name in the price list, then tap Report Prices, on the station details page.

At, click the station info to view the station details page, then click Report Prices.

Why Do I See a Price Posted Under "Owner" or "DataFeed"?

"Owner" or "DataFeed" is a program designed for station owners and operators to easily submit prices to GasBuddy.

If you notice prices or station information entered inaccurately by an Owner or DataFeed, please let us know the station details (station name, address, area, state/province) and the approximate time prices were posted, so we may attempt to contact the source and have the information corrected.

Once the error is reported, our business team will work with the source of the price report to resolve the issue. GasBuddy and our partners want to ensure the correct information is listed.

Switch Between Fuel Types

In the app, while viewing the list of stations after an initial search:

  • Tap current selected FUEL TYPE, in the menu between the search bar and the list of prices
  • Select fuel type you would like to view
  • Stations that do not carry the selected fuel type will not show

The list automatically updates to your selection and remains as such until you change it.

You can switch fuel type on the web at using the drop-down menu, located between the search bar and the Find Gas button.

What Fuel Types Does GasBuddy Support?

In Canada and The U.S., GasBuddy currently offers the ability to view/report prices for the three main grades of gasoline; Regular (85-87 Octane), Mid-Grade (89 Octane), Premium (91-93 Octane), E-85, Unl88, and Diesel.

In Australia, we currently support Unleaded, E10, Premium 95, Premium 98, Diesel, and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).

We are working on adding other fuel types to the website and apps in the future.