Declined Transactions

There are a number of reasons why a transaction may have been declined.


To help prevent abuse and fraud, there is a $75 daily limit and a $300 weekly limit on Pay With GasBuddy™.

In-store purchase

Pay With GasBuddy™ cannot be used in the store. It may only be used directly at the pumps for gas purchases

Invalid Driver ID Pin

Your Driver ID pin is the 4 digit number you create when you activate the card. You can reset this number at any time if needed. Find instructions for resetting your driver ID here

You must choose Credit

Even though Pay With GasBuddy™ is not linked with your credit in any way, the pump reads Pay With GasBuddy™ in the same way as a credit card and so if prompted you will need to choose credit at the pump. 

If you come across a station where the cash prices are cheaper, by all means, please use cash or debit to get the cheaper price!  

Excluded brand of station

The following brands do not accept Pay With GasBuddy:


Sam's Club



Exxon Mobil

Select Walmart Stations

Select Arco Stations

Not an accepted WEX location, you can view all WEX accepted locations here.

Your card has been deactivated due to an outstanding balance.

If you have an outstanding balance on your account your card will be deactivated until the balance is paid in full. For more information please click here


If none of the above applies to your declined transaction, please contact GasBuddy Customer Support here.