Gas Cap Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

This agreement ("Agreement") is made by and between the person ("you", "your", or "yours") enrolled in the GasBuddy Pay Services program who desires to use the Gas Cap service (the “Gas Cap Service”) offered by GasBuddy, its affiliates, its subsidiaries or its assignees ("GasBuddy", "we", "us", "our", "ours"), and shall govern your enrollment in, and use of the Gas Cap Service described herein.

In order to purchase and use the Gas Cap Service, you must be actively enrolled in the GasBuddy Pay Services program, you must be in compliance with the GasBuddy Pay Services Terms of Service [provide link], you must utilize the GasBuddy Pay Services (either your PayCard or GasBuddy mobile app) to make retail fuel purchases under the Gas Cap Service, and you must be in compliance with these Terms of Service.  Capitalized terms used in these Terms of Services and not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning given to such terms in the GasBuddy Pay Services Terms of Services.


The Gas Cap Service

The Gas Cap Service  offered by GasBuddy allows you to purchase protection against higher gas prices (a “Gas Cap”).  When you purchase a Gas Cap, GasBuddy guarantees that you will not pay more than a predetermined price at designated gas stations while the Gas Cap is in effect.  However, if prices fall below your predetermined price, you will pay the lower price.

In addition to the price protection provided by a Gas Cap, you will continue to enjoy all fuel discounts that you currently enjoy with GasBuddy Pay Services.  All other GasBuddy Pay Services Terms of Services remain in effect when you purchase a Gas Cap.

To purchase a Gas Cap, you must enter the Gas Cap page on the GasBuddy mobile application, which displays the prices available to lock in (the “Gas Cap Prices”) for designated gas stations (the “Designated Locations”).  To complete a Gas Cap purchase, you will input the number of gallons that you want to include (the “Capped Gallons”) in your Gas Cap for each Designated Location and selected fuel grade (“Designated Grade”). Any limitations on Capped Gallons, Designated Locations or Designated Grade will be set forth on the GasBuddy mobile application.

Each Gas Cap you purchase remains in effect from the date of purchase until the first to occur of (i) such time as your gallon purchases at your Designated Location(s) for Designated Grade(s) of fuel have reached your Capped Gallons, or (ii) sixty (60) days from the date you purchased the Gas Cap. The expiration of the first of these is referred to herein as the “Price Protection Period”.

Gas Cap Fee

When you enroll in the Gas Cap Service, GasBuddy charges a fee of $.05 (the “Cap Fee”) for each Capped Gallon.  For example, if you purchase a Gas Cap for 50 gallons, GasBuddy will charge you a Cap Fee of $2.50 (50 gallons x $.05).  The Cap Fee will be charged to the bank account linked to your GasBuddy Pay Service account. Any Returned Payment related to a Cap Fee is subject to the GasBuddy Pay Services Terms of Services.

Applying a Gas Cap Price to Fuel Purchases

The Gas Cap Price will be applied as follows when you purchase fuel using GasBuddy Pay Services at your Designated Location during the Price Protection Period.

  •       If the Gas Cap Price is lower than the pump price, GasBuddy will charge you the Gas Cap Price, less applicable GasBuddy discounts.
  •       If the pump price is lower than the Gas Cap Price, price, GasBuddy will charge you the pump price, less applicable GasBuddy discounts.

As with all GasBuddy Pay Services fuel purchases, the pump will not reflect the lower amount that GasBuddy will charge your designated GasBuddy Pay Services bank account.

Gas Cap Expiration

The applicable Gas Cap Price will remain in effect during the Price Protection Period.  To calculate remaining gallons available under a Gas Cap for a particular Price Protection Period, GasBuddy applies all GasBuddy Pay Services purchases at your Designated Location during the Price Protection Period for a specific Gas Cap.  Upon expiration of the Price Protection Period, the Gas Cap expires and the Gas Cap Price will no longer apply any additional fuel purchases using GasBuddy Pay Services.