What should I know before using my Pay with GasBuddy™ card?

Please review our Terms of Service by clicking hereWhile the list below isn't all inclusive, it includes information on some of our most common inquiries.

1) Transactions may take a few business days to post to your bank account.

Ensure you have funds in your account to cover the cost of the transaction. Failure to do so can result in an NSF from your bank, and a return fee from GasBuddy.

2) The card must be used at the pumps, and you must choose 'credit' if prompted at the pump.

You may be asked to enter your odometer reading - press '99' to skip this step.

3) Pay with GasBuddy is accepted nationwide, however, there may be some exceptions.

If you've activated your card, and it's not working at a station, please try another pump, or a different station entirely. For more information about why your card may be declined, please click here.

4) There is a limit ($75 a day, $300 a week) on how much fuel can be purchased with the card.

These limits aren't adjustable at this time and cannot be reset. Unsuccessful attempts at using the card will count towards this limit.

5) There can only be one card per Pay with GasBuddy account.

If you're seeking more information, please browse other articles available on our Help Center.