How do I update or change my checking account information?

If you are a mobile user, you can update your checking account information quickly through the app. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to the savings section of the App.
  2. Select Settings (top-right).
  3. Under Bank Account, select Chang Account.
  4. Click Change Bank Account.
  5. Search for your Bank. If the bank does not come up, you can opt to enter your account and routing numbers.

Once your new account is linked, your old account will be removed. Any pending or new transactions will be run on your current bank account until the new one is verified.

If you are not a mobile user, please submit a ticket and our customer support will assist you in changing your bank.

Submit a ticket here and Under 'Account Information', select 'Update Bank Information'.

If your bank issues you a new debit or credit card, you won't need to update your information with us. Only if there is a change to your bank account number, or routing number, will you need to update your information with us.