How do I link my Shell Fuel Rewards to GasBuddy?

We’ve partnered with Shell to integrate its popular Fuel Rewards® program right inside of the GasBuddy app! Now it’s super easy to not only find a Shell station, but to access your membership benefits so you can keep racking up the savings at Shell.

Linking your loyalty account to GasBuddy is simple. Just open the app, find the closest Shell station and tap. From there, tap “Join Now” and choose to login to your account. Enter your email and password and voila! Your account is linked. Now you can conveniently access your membership number so you can easily enter it at a Shell pump, and also see all of your accrued benefits and savings!

Not a Fuel Rewards® member yet? No problem! Follow the steps above and, if you’re a GasBuddy member, we’ll pre-fill your registration information so sign-up is even faster. In just a few taps, you’ll be saving like millions of other Fuel Rewards® members across the country.

In order to receive both the Shell Fuel Rewards®, and Pay with GasBuddy discount, you will need to enter your Fuel Rewards number at the pump, and pay using your Pay with GasBuddy card.