Current Challenges can be viewed by tapping the Win/trophy icon, at the bottom of the screen.

There are daily, weekly, monthly, as well as Challenges with predetermined start and end dates.

Most Challenges are based on reporting prices, but can be based on a variety of actions in the app.

Most Challenges earn points, but some may not.  The number of points earned by a Challenge is shown in a small green box a the top, left of the Challenge (+200, +500, etc., as the case is).

Weekly Challenges run from Monday 12:00:00 AM to Sunday 11:59 PM (member local time).

Monthly Challenges run from the first day of the month, 12:00 AM, to the last day of the month, 11:59 PM (member local time).

Once a challenge has been completed, you earn an Achievement.  Note that some challenges unlock other challenges.

To view Achievements, tap View Achievements at the bottom of the Challenges page.


Never use GasBuddy while driving. Please only use GasBuddy when safe and legal to do so.

In order for prices to be displayed, distance to stations to be determined, and for top spotter, champ, challenges and leaderboards to calculate properly, GPS is required and price reports must be made while physically at the station. This is done to improve accuracy and reduce abuse (people making up prices for stations in areas other than where they are currently located, etc.).