Find Prices



The app opens to some basic info for you, including the best price in your area, and what Challenges are currently available for you.

To find prices near you, tap the button near the top of the page that reads, "FIND GAS NEAR YOU". To find prices in other areas, tap the search bar at the top of the page.

You can also get to the price page at any time, using the pump icon at the bottom of the screen.



Price Sorting

By default, Price & Distance is enabled.  This will group nearby stations together by distance, then price. Tap this change how you would like to sort search results.  Sorting by price will show the cheapest stations first.  Sorting by distance will show the closest stations first.


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Basic Search

    • Use the search bar on home page or Gas Prices ❯ Search Gas Prices
    • You can search using City, State/Province or Zip/Postal Code

Advanced Search

    • Click on Show Search Options above search bar
    • Choose fuel type
    • Search based on metro area(on metro area home site) or State/Province
    • Select a Station Brand
    • Select the area
    • Choose the time frame you wish to see prices from
    • When you are signed in to your account you have the option to save the search. This will allow you to easily preform the search again in the future.

Saved Searches

    • To add a new saved search click the Save This Search check box after clicking Show Search Options
    • To reuse a saved search simply click on the name of the search under the search box when signed in to your account.
    • You can manage your saved searches by clicking on Manage Saved Searches, while signed in after clicking on Show Search Options

Station not listed when searching?

If you are unable to find a station after searching it may not be in the MSL or there could be no current price.

Try searching for the station on the Report Gas Prices page.

If you are unable to find it there it may need to be added.