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  • While logged in, tap the profile icon on the home page


  • Tap Points



Every account has 2 points values*:

  • All-Time Points (total number of points earned by regular GasBuddy participation)
  • Unused Points (number of unspent points remaining for use in draws)

*Bonus Points for Surveys are only added to Unused Points

  • While logged in, hover over your nickname and click My Account


  • All available stats can be found on the account page


Local Websites (eg,

While signed in to your account Points & PrizesMy Point Stats. This page contains a breakdown of all points you have earned and used, as well as a description of points types.

Points Earning Summary

Shows your All-Time Points, Unused Points (see: Why are there two point values?) consecutive days of points-earning activity, how many tickets you hold for the current day's draw, and more.  Note that 30 Day Rank is based on the number of points earned in the last 30 rolling days.

Details of Points

Shows a breakdown of which actions have earned you what points, since you became a GasBuddy member.

Details of Todays Points

Shows breakdown of today's points