Why are there two point values (all-time points, unused points)?


Every account has 2 points values*:

  • All-Time Points (total number of points earned by regular GasBuddy participation)
  • Unused Points (number of unspent points remaining for use in draws)

*Bonus Points for Surveys are only added to Unused Points

How to view both values on the Android & iPhone App

  • While logged in, at the top of the home page, tap the profile icon


  • Tap Points



How to view both values on local websites (eg, ChicagoGasPrices.com)

  • Community ❯ My Profile
  • Your All-Time Points can be viewed under Member Profile
  • Your Unused Points can be viewed under Points Earning Summary

Note that only the All-Time Points value is shown on GasBuddy.com.