Report A Closed Station To GasBuddy


Since all station information is generously provided by volunteers like you, we have no control over which stations are already listed in each area.

If you notice a station currently listed on GasBuddy that is closed (except those closed during off hours), please let us know.

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Suggest a Station Edit

  • Tap the station in the price list to view the details page
  • At the bottom of the Station Details page, tap Suggest Station Edits
  • Tap Info near the top of the page
  • Under STATUS, select Closed Temporarily (for re-branding, renovations, out of fuel, etc.), or Closed Permanently, as required, then hit "SUBMIT", in the top, right-hand corner to send the suggestion to our development team for review.


Members need 10,000 points to be able to add or edit a station on the website.

Edit a Station

  • Sign in
  • Gas Prices > Master Station List
  • Search for station
  • Click Edit
  • Under Current Station Status, select the applicable option
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save Updated Station Information

Contact Us

To help us find the station in our database, please provide the following, as it appears on GasBuddy:

  • Station name
  • Address
  • City/town
  • State/province

From there, please let us know if the station is Closed Permanently or Closed Temporarily (for renovations/rebranding/out of fuel for an extended time, etc.).