Add a Station to GasBuddy


Since all station information is generously provided by volunteers like you, we have no control over which stations are already listed in each area.

If you would like a station added to the Master Station List, we appreciate any information you can provide.  Since we at GasBuddy pride ourselves on having the largest and most up-to-date station list in North America, we require the most accurate information possible.

Android & iPhone App

Suggest a Station

While on the station list screen

    • Scroll to the bottom of the page.



    • Center the map on the location of the station and tap Next
    • Enter the station name, select the available fuel types, then tap SUGGEST STATION

Station Suggestions made from the app are submitted for review.

If they are accepted, the station will be added.


Please note that this currently only pertains to local sites (like or  This functionality is not yet available on  Members need 10,000 points to be able to add or edit a station on the website.

Add a Station

  • sign in
  • Gas Prices > Master Station List
  • Search to double check station is not in MSL
  • Click Click here to add a new station
  • enter station details
  • click station location on map
  • click Add Station
Station Address Formatting
  • St, Rd, Blvd etc.
  • I-70
  • MI-72
  • E Northwest Hwy

Email Us

The following are required

  • station name
  • exact street address (ex: 104 Main St N)
  • cross street (or nearest cross street, if not at intersection)
  • city/town
  • state/province
  • zip/postal code

The following are extremely helpful, but not required

  • alternate station name (store name, auto repair name, etc.)
  • alternate street names, if known by more than one
  • fuel types available
  • station phone number