Why do I see a price posted under "Owner"?

Created in 2008, GasBuddy Direct ("Owner") is a program designed for station owners and operators to more easily submit prices to GasBuddy. As GasBuddy became more popular, stations began noticing that GasBuddy was having an impact on their sales. There are now regional managers and station owners that feed prices directly from corporate/other headquarters to GasBuddy sites.

Many station operators still report prices to GasBuddy manually. GasBuddy Direct is simply a way for stations to get their prices on the site more easily, more frequently, and in a more convenient manner. The GasBuddy Direct program is not meant to compete with member price reports.

The prices posted by the station operators are posted under the name Owner. These postings do not count for points, and it's participants are not eligible for the contests, etc.

The Owner account is an automated username that is used by several sources, as well as for several other site purposes, there is no one unique person that operates this account.

What should I do if I see false prices from an Owner?

If you notice prices or station information being entered inaccurately by an Owner, please let us know the station details (station name, address, area, state/province) and the approximate time prices were posted, so we may attempt to contact the source and have the information corrected.

More often than not, problems with Owner's prices are simple user errors that need to be brought to the GasBuddy Direct participant's attention.