What are leaderboards? How do they work?

We provide some fun leaderboards to see how you stack up against fellow GasBuddies reporting in your area! You can find the leaderboards by visiting your profile in the app.

Most notably are our Price Reports and Points leaderboards. These leaderboards take into account activity over the past 30 days. Any points or price reports you’ve made over 30 days ago won’t count.

Price Report Leaderboard has you compete against GasBuddies reporting in your area in terms of good prices reported.

  • Ensure location services is enabled and you’re reporting at the station for price reports to count!
  • This leaderboard considers your top 10 most reported stations, and other members reporting at these stations.

Points Leaderboard compares you to GasBuddies in your area in terms of points earned. You can earn points through reporting prices and completing challenges.

Other types of leaderboards are available on our local sites (www.bostongasprices.com for example). These include:

All-Time Points Leaders considers all points a member has earned since creating their account.

Half-Year Leaders are split into 1st and 2nd half of the current year and are based on all points earned in the half-year.

Home Site Points Leaders are the same as All-Time, but only show members with the same Home Site as you.

Consecutive Day Leaders shows the members with the greatest amount of consecutive days of points earning activity.