False Prices

As you may already know: all prices on GasBuddy are posted by a massive group of volunteer spotters, like you.

While we use automated algorithms to attempt to remove obviously wrong information, with prices ever-changing, we rely mostly on price updates by local volunteers like you!

By having thousands of prices entered daily this is how the process of a "real-time" gas price information system works. I'd like to encourage you to report any current prices you spot at the stations. The more current, accurate prices there are posted on GasBuddy, the more we all save at the pumps!


If you notice an inaccurate price on GasBuddy, please update it with the current price for everyone else in your area to see.For more information on how to report a price view: Reporting a Price

If you notice a member repeatedly posting inaccurate prices to the site/app, please let us know the member name, station info (name, address, city/town, state/province) the false price posted, the correct price and the time of the posting.

Thanks for your help.