Viewing the Point Leaders (Full Website Only)



The Point Leaders List can be viewed on all of our local sites.

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All-Time Points Leaders

The All-Time Points Leaders list takes into consideration all points a member has earned since creating their account.

30 Day Points Leaders

30 day rank is based on the number of points earned in the last 30 days (rolling). Only the top 10,000 spots are ranked. If you have earned fewer points in the last 30 days than the 10,000th spot, you will not be ranked.

Half-Year Leaders

Half-Year Leaders are split into 1st and 2nd half of the current year based on All-Time Points earned in the half-year.

Home Site Points Leaders

Home Site Points Leaders are the same as All-Time but only show members of your home site.

Consecutive Day Leaders

Consecutive Day Leaders shows a list of the members with the greatest about of Consecutive Days.