How to use the Fuel Logbook


  • At the bottom of the app, tap MY CAR
  • Tap Add Fuel Log


  • Input the details of your fuel purchase, then tap Next


  • To calculate fuel efficiency, be sure to enter your odometer reading, and toggle on Calculate Fuel Efficiency



Local Websites (eg,

Note that the Fuel Logbook found on localized GasBuddy websites is older and does not sync with the mobile version.
  • Use the site menu to go to Gas Prices > Fuel Logbook.
  • Once on the Fuel Logbook page, use the given links to either add a vehicle to the Logbook, or add a fuel purchase to the vehicle you have entered.


  • Upon clicking Add fuel purchase, enter the required information, then click Submit Fuel Purchase.


  • Note that in order for the Logbook to calculate fuel efficiency, at least 2 complete fill ups must be made in a row.

The Fuel Logbook is not currently available on