Rate/Review A Station



To view the station details page (where Ratings/Reviews are found), tap a station in the price list.  On the station details page, scroll down to below the amenities to see current ratings, including Best Bets (highest-rated items), and Watch Out! (lowest-rated items).

Tap the RATE STATION button to begin rating.


Tap to rate individual station features, or swipe right to skip rating that feature.


To complete the rating process, leave a brief review.  This section can be used to cover things specific to that location (like "Ask for Sarah! She rocks!" or "Station gets really busy around 5 pm"), or just any other helpful info.  Once you've entered your review, tap Submit.


Vote Up Appropriate Reviews Or Flag Inappropriate Content

Stations with more than one review show a thumb-up icon beside each review. The review with the most thumbs up is listed at the top.

Tap any review to either vote up or flag a review.


Why Isn't My Rating/Review Showing?

After completing the rating process, our system needs 2-5 minutes to process the review before displaying it.  This process checks for things like bad words, non-words (like "adflkjsafsaf" or even "sttaaations") and may keep some reviews from being displayed.

Reviews that are manually flagged as inappropriate by others are sent to GasBuddy to review/remove.

If you don't see your review after 5 minutes, it's likely due to one of those reasons.