Rate/Review A Station



Tap a station in the price list.  On the station details page, scroll down to below the amenities to see current ratings.

Tap the GreatOkay, or Bad button to begin rating.


Tap to rate individual station features, or swipe right to skip rating that feature.


To complete the rating process, leave a brief review.  This section can be used to cover things specific to that location (like "Ask for Sarah! She rocks!" or "Station gets really busy around 5 pm"), or just any other helpful info.  Once you've entered your review, tap Submit.

See Reviews Others Have Left

On the Station Details page, under STATION REVIEWS, tap Read All Reviews


Vote Up Appropriate Reviews Or Flag Inappropriate Content

Stations with more than one review show a thumb-up icon beside each review. The review with the most thumbs up is listed at the top. Tap a thumb to vote the review up.

Tap the ellipsis ("...") to flag the review as inappropriate.



Click a station in the price list to view the station details page.  Then click Write a Review and follow the directions on the page.


Why Isn't My Rating/Review Showing?

After completing the rating process, our system needs 2-5 minutes to process the review before displaying it.  This process checks for things like bad words, non-words (like "adflkjsafsaf" or even "sttaaations") and may keep some reviews from being displayed.

Reviews that are manually flagged as inappropriate by others are sent to GasBuddy to review/remove.

If you don't see your review after 5 minutes, it's likely due to one of those reasons.

Reviews - Best Practices/Guidelines

Station reviews are designed for you to share the experience you’ve had at a station. Please review the following guidelines before submitting a review.

  • Relevance: Keep the review relevant to your first-hand experience at the station.
    • Don’t include hearsay from friends & family.
    • Don’t use reviews to comment about other GasBuddies, or experiences you’re having not related to the station itself.
  • Conflicts of Interest: Your reviews should be unbiased and objective. Please do not write biased reviews of your own station or for competitor stations.
  • Honest: Be fair and honest in your review.
    • Don’t let internet anonymity exaggerate your claims.
  • Inappropriate content:  Refrain from leaving a review with degrading or profane language.
    • GasBuddy strives to have a member community that is positive. Personal attacks and threats do not align with GasBuddy’s values and are not permitted.
    • Use the same language you would use to someone you’ve never met.
  • Privacy: Do not publicize other people’s private information or use their full names.
  • Promotion content: Do not use reviews for promoting a cause, station deals, specific programs, etc.

If you notice a review that  does not follow these guidelines, please use the report function in the app or on the web.

Additionally, GasBuddy has the right to remove reviews as deemed necessary.

For more information, please visit GasBuddy Terms of Use.